What is Kubernetes? Explain like I’m 5

Daniel Mesizah
3 min readJun 10, 2022

Before reading this article, I strongly recommend that you first learn about Docker. Since they are both components of the microservices architecture, this will help you understand more, link is here.

It is common knowledge that Kubernetes is one of the few systems that can keep up with the constantly shifting requirements of contemporary software development, and it is also common knowledge that Kubernetes is capable of satisfying this requirement.

Let’s pretend you’re in the midst of creating a web application. Regardless of the fact that this web application may have a monolithic structure made up of multiple modules and components or even layers when viewed from the outside, it appears to be a single web app or service. All platforms, including mobile phones and tablets and desktop computers, can use the application, which was developed and is now being deployed as a single service. In spite of the application’s many modules, it all takes place in a single virtual machine, which is a container for all of this activity.

Assume that the size of the web application continues to increase over time; at this point, it becomes difficult to make accurate changes to the code, and the size of the application can slow down the amount of time it takes to start the application. Moving on, if you want to add new updates to this web application, you will need to redeploy the entire application as a single unit first. This is a requirement. If you pause or restart the service while it is in the middle of this process, your customers won’t be able to access anything on your website during that time because they won’t be able to use the service. Depending on the requirements of the application, we are able to easily scale up or down any number of instances; however, when working with only three or four containers, this problem is definitely manageable. But if we had to deal with thousands of different containers, how could we possibly keep track of which ones are safe to consume and which ones are not? As a result of the fact that orchestrating and managing…

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